Today i made smoke salmon bagel sandwiches for our family’s breakfast but i wanted my little one to experience same food with everyone else in the family so i made a special one for her with cooked salmon and sweet potato puree to make it delicious for her. I served her salmon bagel sandwich on a wooden plate without cutting it into small pieces. Then i was watching to see how she would manage to eat bagel sandwich. Not surprisingly, she was eating the stuffs first, and ate the bagel later. To me, more important thing is that my little one can learn how to self-feeding and enjoy trying new foods when I introduce them to her. ⁣


▶️ 1 white bagel, halved horizontally ⁣

▶️ Smoke salmon slice, cooked ⁣

▶️ Cream cheese ⁣

▶️ Onion, slices ⁣

▶️ Sweet potato puree⁣

▶️ Spinach ⁣ ⁣

Garnish, raspberry, edamame, tomato, and celery ⁣

Method ⁣

▶️ Preheat oven 180 degree celsius, place smoked salmon in baking dish. Warm the smoked salmon in the oven for about 5 minutes or until salmon is fully cooked.⁣

▶️ Toast bagel halves until golden brown ▶️ Spread cream cheese onto half of the toasted bagel⁣

▶️ Place spinach and arrange the slices of cooked salmon, and sweet potato puree on top of cream cheese. Lastly, sprinkle with onion slices. ⁣

▶️ To serve, garnished with raspberry, edamame and celery.⁣

Enjoy !! ⁣

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