Youth Basketball Drills


Basketball is one of the best and most famous games among all countries, so we see people of different ages attending basketball clubs to learn the game. 

Playing basketball is not just for adults. There are a lot of youth basketball drills taught by professional coaches to train youths. Youth basketball drills are not just drills for everyone, but they vary from child to child according to the strength, age, and energy of each one. 

However, if you want to have a general idea about the youth basketball drills which are translated by the coaches into real games, check out these amazing drills that proved to have the greatest impact on players

1- Perfects – Shooting Drill

Players need to practice Perfects- shooting drills as one of the top youth basketball drills taught by coaches to teach and correct shooting form.
Each player shoots with enough arc on the shot thus swishing each shot through the net. Then the player returns to the end of the same line.

2- 21 Cones – Shooting Drill


This drill is another variation of the drill ’23 cones’ but it is highly recommended for high school level and higher, not kids.
In this game, all players are divided into two teams where every player hits a shot. They shoot from the designated spot. When the player wins a shot, he gets a cone, and the team with the most cones at the end of the game is the winner.

3- Pivot Shooting – Shooting Drill

Basketball is not just about hands. Footwork also can be incorporated into a shooting drill to get a special youth basketball drill that players will enjoy.
For this drill, players must make a chest pass out to the coach then explode to the free-throw line.

4- Chase Down Layups – Shooting Drill

Chase down layups is one of the most effective youth basketball drills which are used to teach players to finish layups at full speed and with pressure. Here, you have two lines of players, one of them is the offensive line and one is the defensive line.

5- Pressure – Shooting Drill

This is so easy, it just depends on shooting free throws while under pressure, so it is easy and funny. 

6- Dribbling Lines – Dribbling Drill

If your kid is a new player, then you need an easy youth basketball drills to teach him the basics of dribbling to new players. A drill like dribbling can be amazing as it introduces new moves and improves the known techniques

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