Social Media For Kids


Nowadays, the use of the Internet is available everywhere in the world, especially sites such as social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. The use of these applications has many benefits which increased the size of the business and facilitated the process of communication and data transfer as well as personal communication between individuals in different countries in less of the second and despite all these benefits, there is another side full of negative which is cons of Social Media For Kids.

Hence, we will show some of the destructive effects of Social Media For Kids if they use bad or in unhelpful use especially if the user is a child under 18 years of age.

1. If the child uses the mobile or the Internet more than 35 hours a week, it means that he is an addict to the Internet and must be taken care of.

2. The child’s continued use of the Internet and social media sites for long periods of time which affects the child with severe pain in the back and neck area as well as roughness in the neck at a young age.

3. The child’s use of social media for long periods is a serious indicator of the state of escape from the real world where he lives to a not real world. That is, in turn, may lead to serious effects threatening his life and future.

4. The child’s use of social media makes him constantly aware of the negatives and bad news which exposes him to constant stress especially, for girls.

5. Constant tension and stress for the child must have a reaction against those around him. We always see him in anger and anxiety causing severe harm and loss of his close friends.

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