10 Study Tips to Go Back to School


School is coming faster than we imagined and it is time to prepare your children to go back to school. Yeah, that’s right, begin buying the bag, bottle, books, pencils, etc.. but what about the child himself? You need to help him prepare himself to 

10 Back to school study tips

Here are the best 10 tips you have to know before you go back to school. 

     1. Don’t always study at the same place. 

We all need a well-stocked desk in a quiet place at home to study, but with time, things may become boring. So, we may need to do some changes sometimes like studying at coffee shops, libraries, or just change the room at home. 

     2. Organizing time is not just for HW

We all have a school planner to organize our time, lessons, homework and works, but your calendar is not just for that 

Add some life to it by putting some time for extracurricular, games, social commitments, band practice, holidays, etc… 

     3. Divide the tasks into small parts.

Let’s say you’ve got a big assignment like research and wanna finish it in a week. Don’t start and keep working all the time on it till you finish. No, divide it into pieces to do every day, or at least take two hours to break a day to stay motivated. 

     4. It is not enough to get the school supplies (alone) don’t make you organized.

Yes, it is not enough to get the school supplies to be organized as you need to come up with a practical system that suits your needs and keep to it. Organize your books, name your copybooks or get a big binder for all your classes. You know better what’s good for you, but the more important thing is to keep the system as simple as possible to be able to keep it up every day.

     5. Choose the best time

Some students prefer studying early while others like to study at night. Find the time of day that works best for you. If you prefer studying at different times according to the days, then make a plan and write the time and the day. 

     6. Stay away from distractions.

Did you know that creating a distraction-free zone, is so important to avoid wasting time? Recent studies proved that it takes students and workers an average of 25 minutes to concentrate and return to their work after any interruption they face. Therefore, make sure to turn off your phone notifications and close your computer as well as tv and just concentrate on your tasks. 

     7. Get real.

Let’s be real a bit when putting the time needed for each task. It a Reading chapter needs 3 hours, don’t fool yourself and say I will do it in half an hour. The same is applied for other tasks, don’t give more or less time than it needs or you’ll fail in planning your time.

     8. Use class time wisely.

You are in class, the lesson is over, you still have 10minutes, what you’ll do? 

Don’t waste any time, but open your chemistry homework and do it. It will be nice to finish it instead of wasting time and keeping it for home.

     9. Check your planner each night to make sure you’ve got it.

Every night before going to sleep, make sure that you did everything you’re supposed to do this day, and read what you have to do the next day. 

     10. Make friends… a lot

Sometimes, we need help with some tasks. Having a friend in each class is useful if you ever needed help to solve a question or had missed a class.

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