kids with autism


I would like to know what is inside the kids with autism, how do they think, what they feel, and how they see the world? These questions are the hope of everyone who deals with kids with autism.

Once we find that kid with autism understands well but also sometimes, we find him as if he does not understand anything at all. To deal properly with this child, here are some principles or tips that reduce our confusion as much as possible and improve our behaviors with him.

   1. Appreciate the psychological case:

The kid with autism is a human being at first. There are some things that make him happy and make him happy and there is what makes him sad and depressed. So, he does not respond to those who deal with him badly and refuses to cooperate with him.

   2. Focus on communication:

Man is not a human being except the presence of others and he does not acquire the extent of his humanity except for his connection with them. Therefore, it is important to focus on dealing with the child who challenges the development of visual and verbal communication. It is not enough to give the child what he wants at once but you should not give it to him unless he looks at your face and encourages him to look at the face to know who is talking to him.

   3. Try to bring the child closer together with his peers:

Kids with autism tend to deal with adults and communicate with them and their dealing with adults is easier than their dealing with young children. This may be due to the adults’ understanding of the Kid with autism or due to his or her trying to adapt themselves to serve him. So, we have to bring the child closer to the other children and teach him how to play and interact with them.

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