Are potato chips good for children?


May parents wonder about “Are potato chips good for children? Of course, yes, after many global warnings about the dangers of junk food on public health, the scientific results of Swedish Stockholm University scientists have raised panic around the world after a proven link between acrylamide which appears in potatoes when fried at high temperatures and cancer.

The results of a study by a scientific team showed that the foods that are most harmful to children’s health are those that contain high saturated fat and high-calorie intake. which do  not lead to satiety but it causes:

    1- Effect on cardiovascular health:

Fried potatoes contain a high percentage of starchy carbohydrates and saturated fats that cause an increase in cholesterol in the blood which leads to heart disease in the long term because of their continuous treatment.

    2- Increased blood sugar:

The most important damage to fried potatoes increases blood sugar due to the shift carbohydrates starch into sugars in the body which causes a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. So, our advice is to not give it to your kids, especially for diabetics.

    3- High blood pressure:

Many recent studies have shown that kids who eat fried potatoes are more likely to develop high blood pressure which in turn leads to many other health problems due to the amount of starch present in the potato chips.

    4- Changes in liver enzymes:

potato chips cause increased intestinal reflux and bowel disease. They increase cholesterol levels because they contain a large amount of oil which affects the health of the liver and kidneys. Changes in liver enzymes can lead to kidney failure.

    5- Obesity:

potato chips are one of the most common foods that cause obesity because they contain many calories. 200 grams of fried potatoes contain about 610 calories. This may cause obesity for the child.

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