Fat kids problems and solutions


Some people believe that childhood obesity is normal especially in early life but it does have dozens of risks that are doubled if ignored. Although you as a father or mother always want your child to be the best and ideal in everything even weight, you may already be one of the causes of your child obesity. According to studies, fat kids problems cause because of parents. So, we offer you tips related to fat kids problems and solutions.

Fat kids problems:

Some people do not take the problem of child obesity seriously claiming that they are still young and will follow a diet when they grow up but it may be more dangerous and causes many problems such as:

  • Obesity leads to chronic diseases:

Obesity increases the incidence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease through high blood pressure and high cholesterol and is likely to have diabetes because obesity causes the weakness of the body’s resistance to insulin. Also, it increases the child’s respiratory diseases such as asthma and so on.

  • Obesity leads to death

 Obesity may cause death at puberty. According to the American Life Hack website, studies have shown that children who are obese at a young age have an early chance of dying.

  • Increase the chances of suicide

Children are exposed to many difficult social situations because of obesity which does not pass unnoticed for the child. It may cause him psychological crises to continue with him throughout life and push him to commit suicide.

Solutions of fat kids problems

  • Be a good model for children

Children are affected by parents’ lives. So, if you want children to have a healthy weight start with yourself, go hiking and have healthy meals with them.

  • Limit watching TV

Your child should be trained on the fact that the TV should not be watched all the time because it will lead to many diseases and not just obesity.

  • Encourage the child to exercise

Encourage your children to exercise and not just walk. If you notice that your child is attracted to football, encourage them to practice and join them in your club.

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