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The child needs additional nutritional needs as he needs more thermal units that must be secured from health sources. In this case, emphasis should be placed on additional essential components that provide energy during exercise. Sports Nutrition will help the child to be more active and perform better. There are foods should be avoided for children in general and for the sportive child in particular. In this article, we will tell you about each kind of them in order to help you to provide the right Sports Nutrition.

What foods are best to be reduced for the sportive child?

The amount of salt and sugar in cooking should be reduced in the food of the child food. It is also advised to avoid fat as much as possible and soft drinks, especially as there are healthy foods to focus on in contrast to the importance of the child’s body. It is advisable to avoid juice because it contains a high percentage of sugar.

What foods should children eat before exercising to gain energy?

The sportive child is advised to concentrate on starches before exercising because they provide energy. So, you can provide corn flakes, two or three kinds of fruits, grains such as beans, or a cup of healthy juice. All of which are essential to save energy for the body of the child before exercise.

What foods should children eat after exercising?

After exercise, the child is advised to eat proteins such as meat, chicken, or eggs to compensate for muscle loss during exercise. After exercise, the child does not benefit from starches and it is better to concentrate on proteins.

What fluids are important for the child before and after exercise?

We all know the importance of water at all times and situations. However, it is important to emphasize that there is no substitute for water. It is the undisputed first place, especially for a child who loses a high percentage of fluids and must be compensated by drinking water before and after exercise. Anise and herbal teas can also be taken as extra fluids.

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