5 Healthy Breakfast for Kids


Although 20_30% of kids and adults skip breakfast, it. is still the most important meal of the day as it is what the body needs to refuel. At this stage, the brains and bodies of our kids are still developing so they need to follow a healthy diet, especially a healthy breakfast.
Even if you have work early, you can still. prepare. a healthy breakfast for kids and you, but you just need to choose a quick and easy one.

Sometimes you can go for something even easier like breakfasts which can be made ahead of time.

Egg-based breakfasts

Eggs are definitely the best choice for breakfast for kids and adults because they’re easy to prepare, and packed with a lot of  high-quality protein and other nutrients
In general, eating eggs has many advantages including helping build muscles and tissues, keeping kids feeling more full throughout the morning (better than any cereals), and providing the body with the needed nutrients to grow up healthier.
Moreover, egg yolks benefit eye and brain health because it is rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and other antioxidants.

Amazing ideas for a healthy breakfast for kids

To help you find what is easy, delicious and healthy for your kids every day, here are 5 simple and healthy breakfast for kids:

1.Egg-and-vegetable muffins

Kids usually hate eating vegetables, so you have to find some ways to sneak in some extra vegetables. Egg and vegetable muffins are a great trick to do it and they are also portable and easy to make immediately or in advance.
Just get a bowl, put some eggs, salt, and pepper, chop some vegetables and mix all together.
Get a few greased muffins, and put the mixture in them then bake until done.

2.Eggs in a hole

Get a whole-grain bread, cut a hole in its middle using a round cookie cutter. Put some oil or butter in a frying pan then put it in.
Crack an egg into the hole, and leave it on fire till it is done.

3.Meat-and-cheese frittata

Crac a few eggs in a bowl, add some chopped meat, salt, pepper and any type of cheese then mix them together and pour into a nonstick frying pan until they are all done. 

4.Chocolate  pancakes

We all love pancakes, but who doesn’t love chocolate pancakes? It is so easy, just make your favorite pancakes and add some extra chocolate to the mixture to get a more satisfying breakfast.
You can also make it better and healthier by adding flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, etc.

5.Berry breakfast strata

It is an amazing recipe. Put a few slices of whole-grain bread in a dish.
Sprinkle fresh berries over the bread.
Crash some eggs, milk, and few drops of vanilla then mix them together and pour them over the bread.
Add some fresh berries over the bread and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
In the morning, put it in the oven until it’s puffy and golden.

Try some of the above healthy breakfast for kids to make sure that your kids enjoy different as well as a healthy breakfast every day.

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