How to deal with your naughty child


It may be difficult for parents to deal with children who are a physically active or naughty child, especially if one of them is their eldest child. Sometimes children seem stubborn, reckless and indifferent to hearing from their parents. You cannot take it easy and leave your child offended. You should do something.

Many parents wonder saying: What should I do with my naughty child? How do I deal with his hatred and stubbornness?

Today we will provide tips to deal with your naughty child.

Here are some solutions to do

  • Never scream at your child’s face. The scream will instill fear in his mind, and later in his life, he will be troubled by various problems such as distrust, fear, phobia and mental problems as well.
  • Talk to your child! Make sure to solve the problem by talking to him face to face, in a decent and respectful way, and try to descend to your child’s level and mindset so that he understands the subject, always give him a logical and convincing reason, and remember that yelling and beating only produce stubbornness and hatred.
  • Talk to your child sitting on your knees; to be at the level of his body, and be careful to look into his eyes when talking to him; because the child is shorter than you in length; feel low and fear when you look at him and talk from above, and you stand.
  • Never fear your child. Many parents fear their children from ghosts, thieves, and so on. As if to say: If you do not, the thief will come and take you as a punishment. That’s wrong and does not help in education at all, and suppose that the child did what you were warning him.
  • If you didn’t give him what you promised him he will never believe you, and will not trust you permanently which also leads to psychological problems such as fear and phobia.

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