Risks of Biting in child care


We always hear a lot of mothers complain about the behavior of biting in their children at the age of the first year and continue with them for another year with some children. This behavior is a form of aggression and it is considered a means of exploration for some children. But what are the Risks of Biting in child care and how can mothers deal with it to be eliminated.

Risks of Biting in child care

    1. Lack of his linguistic ability to express:

As the child at the age of five years can express his needs and desires using his tongue and speech. But the youngest child may use his teeth as a means of expression and this will lead to the delay in speech and talk compared to the rest of his peers of children in his natural age.

    2. The child will have a Disruptive personality:

Nothing makes the child rejected from the nursery or the school and be out of the list of guests for happy parties and occasions faster than to know that he is biting

    3. Causes infection or skin disease:

Although biting is a form of aggression and unacceptable behavior, it is also harmful, because this action causes the child (the child who is biting or being bitten) infection or skin disease.

But do not worry you can do a lot to eliminate that behavior such as:

  • Keep your child in love and affection by giving him part of your interest throughout the day so that he does not resort to biting to attract attention.
  • Satisfy his desires within certain and reasonable limits.
  • Tell a short story about benign tolerant boys.
  • Provide him with a game to help him express what he is suffering from.
  • Provide him with drawing materials to help him to express himself.
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