Dental-Care for kids


Dental Care is one of the most common issues that concern mothers and they always wonder how to care for children’s teeth and how to protect them from decay and when the child starts using the brush and paste. Dental decay is one of the most serious problems that threaten children’s teeth and it occurs when leftover food residues on the teeth and decomposes into acids that erode tooth enamel and form a hole or cavity known as decay.

So, we offer you some tips to keep your child’s teeth protected from decay:

  • Unlike what many mothers think begins to care for children’s teeth before they appear. But since the first months of the child, the mother should wipe the gums of her kids after all breastfeeding by using a piece of clean cloth wet with water to remove harmful bacteria.

  • Leaving the baby to sleep in his mouth the bottle of milk is one of the unhealthiest habits that expose the teeth of your child to decay. The presence of milk on the teeth of the child for several hours may cause corrosion in the enamel layer and change in the color of the front teeth.

  • The baby can start using the toothbrush and toothpaste at the age of two years. The brush must be soft and the paste must be for children with using a very small piece.

  • Periodically check the teeth and gums of the child at a specialized dentist starting from the age of the one year to detect dental problems in the early stages and avoid complications.

  • When the teeth are full, a rich fluoride paste is must be used to strengthen the enamel layer and protect it from corrosion by acids resulting from the decomposition of food residues.

  • The child should wash his teeth twice a day, one before sleeping.

last but not least, children ‘s teeth are the most important things that mothers should take care of. Follow the above tips about Dental Care and if you have other tips write them to us in the comments. We will be thankful for that.

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