Fast & Easy Toddler Dinner Ideas


Having a toddler is such a big responsibility for every mother, as these amazing babies need a lot of care. They are cute, funny and adorable, but when it comes to feeding a toddler, giving him a shower, changing his clothes, etc.. you have to be careful and accurate. One single mistake may lead to a lot of problems.
Your happy, laughing toddler may suddenly start crying without being able to tell you what he needs, even if he is starving. Toddlers don’t always stick to a specific time to eat, so they may wake up at mid-night and cry for food.
Therefore, you need to be prepared all the time with a fast, easy toddler dinner ideas which suit your toddler’s appetite.

6 Fast and Easy Toddler Dinner Ideas

1. Frittata Cups

Frittata cups is one of the recipes which works for breakfast and dinner because it is healthy, easy and fast to be done.
Just scramble a few eggs and cut some toast into tiny pieces and cook them. Add some fresh fruit to the meal and you can all enjoy this amazing well-balanced meal with your toddler.

2. 10-Minute Black Bean Tacos

Have you ever thought of a recipe containing black bean and taco? Why not? Actually, it is tasty, especially with sweet potatoes. You can also add other vegetables to the beans for extra taste and enjoy this complete grown-up version of yourselves.
If your toddler can’t eat it like this, just cut and put all the ingredients in a bowl and feed him.

3. Zucchini Pesto Pizza Rolls

Our kids usually see it so boring to eat green vegetables; however, they adore pizza. To trick them, I always keep some pizza at home and a jar of pesto plus I add any green vegetables and that’s it. 

4. Avocado Toast with nut butter

Yes, nothing is easier than a toast with some toppings as toddler dinner ideas and for me too. Choose any toast, for example, an avocado toast. Get the toast, add a smear of nut butter and a few berries or any kind of fresh fruit. You can also use a hummus toast. It is so delicious with grated veggies. For me, I love pizza toast and buttered toast with hard-boiled eggs, they are fantastic. 

5. Super Greens Smoothie

Smoothies are not just breakfast, they can also be one of the most amazing toddler dinner ideas. If the smoothie is nutritious, extra filling and full of delicious ingredients, then it is an amazing dinner for your toddler. Just make a smoothie of fresh fruits, steamed or frozen vegetables, greens, or oats, and enjoy your dinner with your toddler. 

6. Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Macaroni… Who doesn’t like macaroni? It is almost everyone’s best meal ever. Whether you are tired from a long day and need an easy recipe or you’re looking for family night meal, stove macaroni with cheese is an amazing choice. 

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