Home Work and Study Habits


Conflicts between mother and child that occur to make the child do his Home Work and Study may hit him or deprive him of the most loved things and thus make the child hate the study more and more. Because it causes problems between him and the parents which make him deprived of everything enjoyable in his innocent life.

But what have parents do to make their children love learning and do their Home Work and Study without conflicts? Follow us in the next lines to know how?

Home Work and Study Habits

  • Limited praise for the child

Keep to encourage the child with good and encouraging words even if the child got middle grades. We must show our enthusiasm for him and hope that next time his grades will be better and tell him that the work is the base work. Also, we can compose words that contain the name of the child, support him, and make him feel good when he is good at doing the Home Work and Study.

  • Add humor and enjoy during the study

As children learn more at fun and humor. Many of them love songs and actions around them to increase the activity of the brain and the capacity to absorb. So, we must accept the nature of the child according to his personal style as we mentioned.

  • Make agreements

In order not to make the child preoccupied with television, we can set a specific time to watch it in the routine to agree. When the child asks for the TV, tell him that he is busy by doing the Home Work and Study and ask him: Is TV time coming? When is his time? Thus, he will complete doing the homework hoping to finish and watch.

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