Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle for Kids


As a parent, it is your role to provide your little children a healthy environment to live in and a healthy lifestyle. Growing up in such an environment is the best way to have healthy, productive and aware members of society. 

To help your children have a healthy lifestyle, you should do the following:

  • You are the parent and your children see you as a model, so try to be a positive one who follows healthy habits.
  • Keep stress and violence away from your everyday life, and focus on calm, reassuring atmosphere. 
  • Make a schedule for. regular meals and don’t forget to put snack times.
  • Be strict when it comes to screen entertainment, and put limited times for television, tablets and video games.
  • Try to gather the whole family in fun physical activities.
  • The body image is important, and your role is to help develop a positive one. 
  • Don’t be tough and avoid restrictive diets
  • Make sure that your children do sports but stay away from excessive exercise regimens. 

Healthy lifestyle for kids and good nutrition

Whether your kids are fat, thin or normal, your role is the same when coming to nutrition and fitness issues. Your child needs a healthy diet depending on healthy food and habits to maintain good health. If he has a health problem regarding his weight, a healthy diet will solve it; and if he doesn’t, a healthy diet will help him keep a healthy body and build a better immune system. 

Remember that a healthy body and healthy weight for kids is not about how many kilos he has, but it is related to his healthy behaviors, starting from consuming healthy food, practicing sports, doing activities related to flexibility and aerobic capacity.

Diets Are Not a part of a healthy lifestyle for kids

Some parents think that the best solution to let their kids get the ideal weight or to keep the weight (if it is already good) is to put them. on a diet. Unless the doctor or a registered dietitian nutritionist asks you to do so, never even try to put your kids on a diet because you will be doing more harm than good regarding their health, eating disorders and self-esteem. 

Yeah, that’s right. Most of the times, a healthy lifestyle for kids is much better than diets, just make sure to follow some positive lifestyle habits like:

  • Be active, play with your kids daily and enjoy your time. Your kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. 
  • Plan for family activities, picnics, etc… and focus on games that need some effort like biking, soccer, football, etc.. 
  • Try to involve your kids in kid-friendly activities that include other kids too. 
  • Make sure that the whole family eats together at least once a day. It will create a lovely environment between all the members. 
  • For many, the best breakfast is cereal and milk. Now, it is time to develop this fact and move to a healthier breakfast that contains scrambled eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, vanilla-flavored yogurt, whole-grain cereal, unsalted nuts, etc… 
  • Foods must not be a part of punishments but go for non-food rewards whether it is for good or bad behaviors. 

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