School Lunches for Kids


School Lunches for Kids, I’m sure your kids have had enough of a turkey or white cheese sandwich at school.

But it is very natural that you lose the ability to innovate and innovate in the field of “school eating” among the hundreds of tasks and duties you are responsible for, especially since this question comes daily, “What will we eat today?”

And it becomes more difficult when you try to make sure that they get the vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and other nutritional needs they need every day.

And the worst are the competitors, so you have to face competitors who are strong and specialized in getting children’s attention:

Ready meals and colorful desserts! the site offers you some suggestions that will help you turn a boring cheese sandwich into an entertaining meal for your children to show off to their friends.

School Lunches for Kids


Children will not refuse the cheese sandwich if it looks as nice and delicious as the ready-made panini sandwiches in restaurants. By the way, the word panini is an Italian word that means a sandwich made from ciabatta bread and is roasted in a pressure machine in a special way.

Back to the sandwich, for younger children, you can use cookie cutter molds to cut the sandwich into distinct shapes. Even when molds are not available, use different sized cups to cut the sandwich into circles.

Surprise tray

Who does not like the element of surprise? Nobody, especially children. You can put different foods every week inside the surprise box. Make sure to put on a fork and choose a nice looking box.

The healthy choice

From time to time, explain to your children the nutritional values ​​of different foods and the importance of eating healthy. Focus on a specific type of food and its importance, then put it in the school lunch for the next day. Try to make it a weekly habit.

Various school meals

The burger:

Prove to your kids that Burger Mama is better than McDonald’s! It is definitely healthy and more nutritious. Grill the burger instead of browning it and serve it with brown bread to have higher nutritional value.


You can buy frozen pizza bases at the supermarket and add tomato sauce, a slice of tomato, mozzarella cheese, and their favorite vegetables like peppers, onions, and olives. I tell you a secret? If you do not have frozen pizza, use half of the “bun” as a base for the pizza!

Crepe with Nutella:

Crepes are one of the easiest recipes and are high in nutritional value. Spread Nutella chocolate on it and chop some banana slices and little crushed hazelnuts. Make sure to roll the crepe-like sandwich and wrap it in foil for easy eating. I tell you about another secret? It is possible to use Shami bread instead of crepe!

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