Basil Pesto Linguini With Scallops


Basil Pesto Linguini With Scallops

My daughter will turn two next month but she was introduced scallops for first time. Yesterday i made a basil pesto pasta with scallops for her lunch. I was so happy that she had no any reaction to scallops. So Today i like to share my family’s recipe that your kids will love. ⁣
▶️ 1 bunch basil leaves ⁣⁣
▶️ 2 cloves garlic ⁣⁣
▶️ 1/4 brown onion ⁣
▶️ 3 tbsp olive oil⁣⁣
▶️ 4 scallops sliced⁣⁣
▶️ 2 oz Feta cheese ⁣⁣
▶️ 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds , roasted ⁣
▶️ 4 cherry tomatoes ⁣
▶️ Salt and pepper ⁣to taste ⁣
▶️ 150 g Linguini-spinach ⁣
▶️ Bay leave, basil leaves , edible rose petals to garnish.⁣


▶️ Cook Linguini in a large saucepan of salted boiling water 3-4 minutes or until al dente.
▶️ In food processor, add basil leave, garlic, brown onions, pumpkin seeds, salt and pepper together, And process it until finely chopped.⁣
▶️In a medium bowl, blend the pesto mixture in the olive oil gradually to form emulsified paste, adding only small amount of oil to begin with just to get dry ingredients to move. As you work, continually scrape the mixture from the sides into the center of the bowl. ⁣Leave it on the side.⁣
▶️ Seared tomatoes and scallops sliced in the pan until it golden.⁣⁣
▶️ Mix cooked pasta with basil pesto, and then served it with pan seared tomatoes and scallops sliced. ⁣⁣
▶️ Lastly, sprinkle with feta cheese, garnished it with fresh basil leave, bay leaf and edible rose petals and served immediately.⁣⁣

Enjoy 😉!!⁣

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