Sweet or savory crepes?⁣⁣
Today i made a green delicious crepes for my little one’s breakfast. This recipe is perfect for kids who have a reaction to egg. You can fill them however you like with sweet or savory filling toppings. I rolled the crepes with bananas and Taryn really loved these.⁣

▶️ 1 cup plain flour ⁣⁣
▶️ 1 tbsp honey ⁣⁣
▶️ 1/4 tsp salt ⁣⁣
▶️ 1/2 cup milk⁣⁣
▶️ 2/3 cup water⁣⁣
▶️ 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted ⁣⁣
▶️ 1 tbsp vanilla extract⁣⁣
▶️ 1 tsp superfood spirulina powder⁣⁣

Method ⁣⁣Make Green Crepes

▶️ In a large bowl, combine the flour and salt together.⁣⁣
▶️ Add milk, water, and butter into dry ingredients.⁣⁣
▶️ Using electric blender, beat until the batter is smooth.⁣⁣
▶️ Add, honey, vanilla extract and spirulina powder and continue beating until well combine.⁣⁣
▶️ place non-stick pan over low and medium heat with knob of butter.⁣⁣
▶️ Dollop 3 tbsps of batter into pan. Spread the batter into large circle immediately. ⁣⁣
▶️ when the crepe has browned slightly on the bottom, using spatula and flip it. ⁣⁣
▶️ Carefully slide the crepe onto the plate.⁣⁣
▶️ Repeat with remaining batter ⁣⁣
▶️ served warm with fresh fruits. ⁣⁣

Enjoy 😉!!⁣⁣

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