healthy appetizers for kids


After two years, children start eating unhealthy and fast foods from supermarkets or high-fat, salt and sugar foods that we make at home. so, it is important to raise children from childhood to love healthy appetizers and offer them in an attractive way to your child’s eye and mouth.

The list below is showing you the popular and healthy appetizers for kids:

  • Banana rings with peanut butter:

Bananas and peanut butter rings are the energy-rich options for breakfast. It gives your child the protein, potassium, fats, and carbohydrates he needs at the beginning of the day as well as the delicious and sweet taste of bananas.

  • Egg and vegetable muffins:

Egg and vegetable muffins are rich in protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and calcium. Besides various vegetables such as spinach, peas, carrots, and broccoli that make the child loves vegetables and want to eat them.

  • Pancakes:

The pancake is one of the healthy appetizers for kids and you can introduce different flavors in the pancakes topped with carrots. You can substitute white flour with whole grains or oatmeal to give the recipe the whole benefit.

  • Pizza:

One of the meals that some see as unhealthy but you can turn them into an integrated meal rich in nutrients this way: Use the full flour whole grain (brown) or oatmeal instead of white flour. Hide the vegetables, cheeses, and meats that you want your child to take advantage of and he does not like eating them in their original form. Use olive oil instead of other hydrogenated oils, which cause serious illnesses for children such as obesity and cholesterol.

  • Ice Cream Yogurt:

All children love ice cream, feet for your baby ice cream in a healthy way by mixing yogurt with bananas with fruits that your child loves and you can use honey in sweetener.

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