Children School Problems


Does your child have problems with his or her siblings continuously? Does he enter into a fight with his peers at school every day, has he become nervous and refuses to deal with others or has difficulty in getting along with his peers? Perhaps there is something that can be done and it is not completely out of control. Follow the following article with the most important problems of children of this age and how to deal with them properly.

  1. Scholastic delay:

The problem of scholastic delay is one of the Children School Problems that have received the attention and thought of many educators, parents, and students themselves as a major source of hindering growth and progress for a renewed life.

How to deal: Provision of counseling and end-of-school counseling services to solve problems for these students. In addition to the interest in studying the individual cases of students to save records collected for them.

  2. Extreme shyness:

Some children are afraid of the social presence among people. Exposure to social presence among people causes some physical symptoms such as feeling the sweat, redness of the face, muscle tension, increased heartbeat, dry mouth or tremulous sound. These symptoms are a source of anxiety and tension and lead to embarrassing situations for the children.

How to deal: Try to understand the child’s feelings and thoughts if the period of shyness or deflation is long. Check the degree of tension in the home or school and the degree of attention and care and encouragement provided to him. And tried to modify negative things as much as possible.

  3. Throwing school books:

There is no doubt that the respect and preservation of school books is an educational and moral duty because of the useful science and knowledge contained in the textbooks. The phenomenon of loss of awareness and attention to these books and their throwing in the public squares and schools has spread after the completion of the tests due to the absence of censor and follower of these students by the school and society.

How to deal: Distribution of leaflets and speeches on the school radio which urges students to pay attention to the preservation of their books and delivery to the school at the end of each semester.

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