Ideas for Teaching Kids


Many kindergarten teachers aspire to gain the trust of the child in the kindergarten and are looking for new and innovative ways to develop the child’s mind and skills and his absorptive capacity for what he explains. We offer you a lot of creative ideas for kindergarten teachers that make them more experienced in gaining the confidence of the child and developing the performance in a very short time.

Creative ideas for teaching kids

  • Prepare a large cardboard plate with numbers from one to five:

    leave spaces next to each number, provide interesting shapes that can be affixed to the carton such as roses, rabbits or laughing faces, and ask each student to paste the appropriate number of shapes besides each number.

  • Ice cream seller:

    the teacher represents a buyer who came to buy from the ice cream seller and the teacher carries the letter or number for this week. The child acts as the seller and extracts one of the ice creams that carries the required letter or number and gives it to the teacher.

  • Letter rose:

    the teacher places the letter in the center of the rose and places on the floor cards with pictures carry names being of the letters that in the rose and also place different letters. The child tries to spell the words or names of the pictures until he finds a word beginning with the letter and put it around the letter of the rose.

  • Game of different shapes:

    it is a simple and wonderful idea to teach the child many skills, such as colors and shapes and so on. just make simple materials such as cardboard, colored paper and a set of small pieces such as electric wires, pins or wooden sticks and ask the kids to say the name of any material.

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