Kids and Technology: How to Limit Kids’ Tech Use


Today, no one can deny that technology is a must, it takes a big place in your child’s life as well as play a vital role in developing his personality. Kids and technology are linked together but need to be done wisely and here comes your role. No one knows your child better than you and no one cares more.
To make sure that your kid gets only what he needs from technology without wasting his time, it is your role to guide and teach him how to use technology in a beneficial way to grow up as successful digital citizens.

Top Tips to Remember about  Kids and Technology

We all know that your 2-year-olds boy may understand the iPad better than you. We cannot also deny that our teenagers need some freedom in their life. However, whatever the case is, it is your duty to help them at each stage of the journey.

Here are a few basic parenting guidelines which will help you a lot to set the rules:
  • Set limits and rules

Treat technology in your kid’s life as you would with any other aspect. Surely, you’ve set rules and guidelines for almost everything in real life, you need to do it for technology too.
Don’t stay away, but make sure to know your children’s friends, games, and apps, and set limits for using media.

  • Spend screen time together

Who said that screen time should be spent alone? That’s wrong. It is the best time to play with your kids, interact, bond and enjoy your time.
Play a video game together, watch a show, discuss the life experiences and perspectives.

  • Be a good role model.

For your kids, you’re a model, so be a good one. Limit your media use and connect with them. more. Hugging, interacting, playing… is much more important for them than sitting on the screen. 

  • Nothing is better than face-to-face communication. 

Don’t message your children. When you wanna something, ask them to come. and say it directly. For a traveling parent, try a video chat to keep in contact with them. 

  • Limit digital media for your kids according to age. 

Limit the media time for all your kids starting with the youngest family members. 

  • From 18 to 24 months, no need for screen time other than video chatting. 
  • From 18 to 24 months, sit with them and watch digital media together. 
  • For preschool children between 2 to 5 years old, let them set by the screen for 1 hour a day only, and let them watch high-quality programs only. 
  • Create tech-free zones. 

It is not just about technology, you must keep some time for it. family to enjoy your time all together like family mealtimes, social gatherings, picnics, etc… 

  • No TV at bedrooms

Avoid screens at children’s bedrooms. They need to clear their heads before sleeping and watching TV will make it hard. 

  • Turn it off

If you are not watching, turn off televisions. Focus on your children. Life is not just kids and technology, but about life and family too.

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