The benefits of running for children’s


The strength of the bones of children is influenced by the type of food and lifestyle they do during their first years, especially the growth and development of skeletal tissue during childhood and adolescence. At the forefront of life in children is exercise and motor activity.

One of the benefits of this sport is not only to keep these children away from watching television or playing computer games and sitting in front of them for long hours, and the consequent negative impact of what they see violence and a lot of psychological pressure, but noted that running and Jumping is the most sports that contribute to Orthopedic strength of children The reason why running and toning contribute to the increase of bone density in children (Bone Mass) is that there is an organization inside the cell is in the bones that are still in the process of growth, which directs the direction of bone growth and continuation to the required side.

It is recommended to increase the growth and strength and density of the bones of children to do some kind of special exercises such as running in a healthy way and advised to stay away from weight lifting, it is an undesirable sport for adolescents and children, which can have an impact on bone growth and therefore affects the length of bones and becomes a short person.

This information, which shows that running and aerobic exercises that increase the strength and length and safety of the bones of children was the result of one of the field studies, which showed that there are some steps that contribute to increasing the results of these children and the safety of their bones:

  • Intensive exercise for a short period of time increases bone density quickly and properly.
  • Add a new exercise every week is suitable for the child and increases the strength of his bones.
  • It is better to reduce the period of exercise while preserving the diversity.
  • If the exercises are divided by the rate of two periods a day separated by 8 hours gives the most results in prolonging and strengthening the bones of children.

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