Don’t treat your child like a child but treat him like a grow one


Dealing with children is not easy as some people think but it is very difficult because of its importance in the formation of the child’s current personality and his future personality. Dealing with the child depends on his nature and acceptance of some educational methods one of them is to treat him like a grow one.  The child will not listen to you when you talk to him as a child who is blamed for always doing wrong because he is small. But the child will listen to you when you want to know his limits and commitment, and what he must do and what he must leave when you treat your child like a grow one.

And there are some tips can tell you how to treat your child like a grow one being:

      1. Talk to your child!

Make sure to solve the problem by talking to him face to face in a decent and respectful way. Also try to descend to your child’s level and mindset so that he understands the subject and always give him a logical and convincing reason. And remember that yelling and beating only produce stubbornness and hatred.

      2. Talk to your child sitting on your knees

To be at the level of his body and be careful to look into his eyes when talking to him because the child is shorter than you in length so he will feel inferior and fear when you look at him and talk from above.

      3. Never lie to your child

As you say: I’ll be back in two hours while you’re planning to spend more time. And do not promise him with something like: “We’ll go shopping today” while in fact, you do not intend to. And avoid asking your child to lie such as saying: “Say to those at the door that I am not at home.” The child trusts his parents blindly and looks at them as role models and inspiration but he will never trust you when he realizes that you have lied to him.

Last but not least rewarding your child when he shows good progress in his behavior as you enhance his confidence in himself and make him feel that he is a grow one.

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