Benefits of Bananas for Children


Bananas are one of the most popular foods for everyone, and they are also a favorite among children. Learn about the most important benefits of bananas for babies.

Bananas are the ideal fruit to give to your child when starting to introduce solid food to him, as they contain many important nutrients for the child’s growth, and they are easily digestible.

Benefits of bananas for children

The benefits of bananas for children are many, as they are one of the best natural sources of energy, simple sugars, and minerals important to the human body, and they include:

1- Rich in calories

One of the benefits of bananas is that it is one of the fruits rich in calories, as 100 grams of it contain almost 90 calories.

2- Provides energy

The soft, easy-to-digest banana pulp contains simple sugars that are easy and quick to absorb into the body, such as sucrose and fructose.

Thus, bananas are a popular food for athletes, which provides them with the fast energy they need during exercise and in various sports matches.

3- Prevention of digestive problems

Bananas contain a high percentage of soluble fibers such as pectin, as consuming 100 grams of bananas provides a person with approximately 7% of the recommended daily fiber intake.

In this way, it is a reason to facilitate bowel movement and prevent digestive problems and many chronic diseases.

4- Prevention of constipation

Banana’s content of soluble fiber, and especially a high percentage of pectin, and a high percentage of water, as 75% of its mass is water, make it contribute to facilitating intestinal movement and digestion in the body.

Eating one banana a day provides a person with approximately 15% of the daily fiber he needs.

Also, its containment of many simple monosaccharides encourages the secretion of many enzymes that facilitate digestion, thus it has a major role in preventing and treating constipation.

5- Strengthening the immune system

Bananas contribute to preventing many diseases and strengthening the immune system, and this is one of the most important benefits of bananas.

6- Preserves the heart

Bananas are one of the very rich sources of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which is very important for the integrity of the nerves, the prevention of anemia, and the maintenance of the health of the heart and arteries.

As 100 grams of bananas provide nearly 28% of the daily recommended amount of this vitamin.

7- It improves the psychological state

Among the benefits of bananas are that they calm the nerves and help reduce depression, as they also contain tryptophan.

8- Rich in minerals

In addition to all of this, one of the benefits of fresh bananas is that it is one of the richest fruits in minerals, such as:

Iron, copper, magnesium, and manganese are essential for blood, strong bones, and a healthy heart.

It is reputed to be one of the main sources of potassium, as in every 100 grams of banana there is 358 mg of potassium. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate, maintain cells, and perform various vital processes.

9- Maintaining a healthy weight

Common and widespread information among people; Bananas are rich in starches and sugars may be a cause of weight gain and obesity, and thus we find that many people prevent themselves from eating them just because they start their diet plan.

However, they do not realize the benefit and the fiber that they may lose, while this may be a tool that helps them feel full and lose weight in a healthy and healthy way.

Bananas contain a large amount of water and soluble fiber that helps to feel full and thus reduce food later during the day, which may be rich in calories.

10- Diabetics and bananas

Some believe that diabetics are prevented from eating certain types of food, especially fruits with a sweet taste such as bananas and grapes, and this of course is wrong information and common among people.

If a diabetic is committed to a proper diet that includes these fruits, then it will be easy to control and regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

Bananas in particular may be a healthy choice, as they contain a high percentage of water, which constitutes approximately 75% of its weight, and 23% of sugars, but it is considered poor in protein and fats.

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