8 Best Basketball Games for Kids 2020


Basketball is one of the most popular games with millions of fans around the world. For Saturday nights, nothing can be better from watching a basketball game with friends, family, or loved ones. It will be a lot of fun. However, some don’t find much joy in watching the game, and they prefer to play it. But what if you don’t have any physical basketball skills? Don’t be sad. You can still enjoy the game online. Yeah, that’s right as there are a lot of basketball game versions in digital form. Such games can be played on a PC or Android.

8 Best Basketball Games for kids for 2020

Although there are quite a few of them available online for all, here is the Best Basketball Games for kids to enjoy your time this weekend:

1. Street Basketball Association

Mainly, any list of the Best Basketball Games for kids should start with the Street Basketball Association. This game is amazing. As the name suggests, it incorporates more of the street rules. It also has a quite good set of visuals as well as single-player and multiplayer modes. Moreover, you can choose between the available three difficulty levels.

2. NBA General Manager 2016

Besides playing basketball, some people like to manage the basketball team. If you are one of those who prefer to take the managerial tasks, then this game is amazing for you. Here, at NBA General Manager, you can be the coach and the leader of your team and manage all aspects of your team. You can sign the players, enhance their abilities and strengths.

3. Dude Perfect

We talked about playing basketball games or managing the team, there is another aspect of basketball games. Dude Perfect is really fun and so popular.
Here, it is all about making sudden special shots, and you’ll find a lot of obstacles across a plethora of levels. Try this game and enjoy all the trick shots.

4. BIG Win Basketball

BIG Win Basketball is another one of the Best Basketball Games for kids that don’t belong to the typical basketball gameplay.
Instead of doing one aspect of the game, here you will create your team, manage their duties then start the game and choose cards. These cards will determine few features affecting the outcome of each match.
This game has much more than any other game, so you have to try it.

5. Basketball Stars

With Basketball Stars, you can choose between two modes; 1v1 matches which are matches and the 1v1 shootouts where you try to get more baskets in limited time. Here, you will find some pretty decent 3D visuals. You will play as a single player playing against another single player. 

6. Stickman Basketball

Among the stickman series which include a lot of sports games, you will find the Stickman Basketball which is funny. This game includes stick figures as players, but you still can control all your team.
You can also choose among the multiple game modes and seasons to complete. What makes this game more interesting, you can choose among 31 different teams, 50 million installs and a decent rating.

7. NBA Jam

This is not just a game, but it is one of the most popular, Best Basketball Games for kids. It is considered a classic version of the Basketball game that most fans are familiar with.
NBA jam is a mix of realism as well as the complexities which you usually see in life basketball games. Here, you will witness the same top plays and audio/visual elements of real games. which makes it much more realistic and fun.

8. NBA Live Mobile Basketball

NBA Live Mobile Basketball is another version of basketball on our Best Basketball Games for kids list. It includes two modes; the single-player and multiplayer modes as well as the 5v5 team. This gorgeous game also has live events which will relate your mind to the actual NBA season.

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