How To Deal With A Child Who Has Extra Activity


The movement of the child is directly related to the safety of growth but the large movement of the child does not necessarily mean that he has a health problem but if the problem has increased from the normal limit and the child is unable to control his actions, we must start looking for solutions. Dealing with a child who has extra activity is a great challenge for parents because it is stressful and may be embarrassing. The problem may be compounded to the school and they will not accept such children.

But do not worry, there are tips will able you to deal with a child who has extra activity. The most important of which:

  • Put the child in a quiet environment that is devoid of stimuli and distractions. There are not many colors, drawings, games, etc.

  • Give your child innovative and new ideas to occupy his free time: choose what needs movement and activity such as a certain sport, or play with the puzzle, graphics, Etlin graphics, and others.

  • Ignore the provocative movements of your child that may provoke your anger and lead you to carry out corporal punishment.

  • Be patient on your child and try to accept his higher activity because when he grows up, he will benefit from this activity in holding positions and doing vital work that needs to be doubled in movements.

  • Avoid constant criticism of his actions and try not to reprimand him in front of others like his brothers or friends because it destroys much of his psychology.

  • Avoid forcing your child to do what he does not want to do but try to convince him of the importance of the work he is doing and make him a special child.

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