Are Energy Drinks Good For Kids?


Unfortunately, many lies have spread to most of our children in order to trap them in the trap of taking soda water and energy drinks with greed. As soon as the child begins eating it, he becomes addicted to it, and it is difficult for him to get rid of it. The most important question is Are Energy Drinks Good For Kids?

Of course not, energy drinks have many disadvantages to the health of our children. Because It is a beverage that is somewhat similar in its composition soft drinks with some additives, and the most important compounds of these drinks are:

  • Very large amounts of caffeine.
  • Many stimulants, such as ginseng, guarana, and carotene.
  • Some amino acids such as chlorine.
  • Some fatty acids and fats.
  • Simple sugars such as sucrose and fructose.
  • (B2), (B6), (B 12).
  • Vitamins.
  • Many minerals, such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus.

The dangers of Energy Drinks Good For Kids

The studies proved the extent of their negative and dangerous effects, and that it may lead to addiction if it exceeds the limit. In addition, they are more stimulant drinks than drinks that supply the body with energy and calories as a result of having a high percentage of caffeine and stimulants. The risk of consuming beverages in large quantities can be explained as follows:

  • The high caffeine content leads to a defect in the digestive hormones and increases acid secretions in the stomach leading to ulcers and infections in the wall of the stomach and esophagus and duodenum. It also may lead with time to double esophageal valve.

  • Energy Drinks leads to the destruction of some vitamins, especially vitamin B which may lead to indigestion and the proliferation of artificial sweeteners lead to diarrhea.

  • Energy Drinks contain a high percentage of sugar and carbohydrates may lead to overweight and obesity.

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