Healthy Treats For Kids


Children are affected by their parents and imitate them in most situations. So, childhood is one of the most important stages in which the child is trained on some behaviors and healthy treats that help him to cope with difficult living conditions, increase self-confidence, and develop his cognitive skills.

Here are useful and healthy treats that parents should teach their children since childhood:

1. Playing sports

Help your child participate in self-confidence sports, develop social networking skills, and leadership skills. As well as that the sport helps to strengthen and build the muscles of the body and protect it from diseases and the most important activities are physical swimming, shooting, gymnastics.

2. Eat leafy vegetables and fresh

Talk to your kids about the importance of the nutritional value of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits and the benefits of them in bodybuilding. Also, talk to them about the damage caused by over-eating junk food and soft drinks.

3. Take care to take your breakfast

It is necessary to make breakfast a routine that is unavoidable daily. This method will make children keen on this habit until after puberty. So, talk to your kids about the importance of breakfast to improve physical strength and stimulate energy, and protect the body from chronic diseases.

4. Select specific hours to watch TV

Studies have shown that children who watch television more than two hours a day are more prone to many health problems, most notably obesity, poor performance, distraction, lack of sleep, and insomnia.

5. Take care to drink water

Talk to your child about the importance of water in the formation of cells of the body and train him to drink a lot of water daily and avoid soft drinks that have damages and risks to his health.

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