friendship lessons to teach to your kids


Friendships remain an important part of our lives at different ages. Friends share with us moments of sadness and happiness, give us advice, share our times of reason and recklessness, and share with us the events of our lives and the moments of joy. In one way or another, the friends of each one of us contribute to determining who we are. This is, if not more important, for children. So, take care to give your children friendship lessons to teach to your kids.

It involves a number of skills that young children need to learn and develop such as:
  1. Your child should be helped to develop positive social skills from an early age. You can begin by trying to explain to your child the importance of sharing and taking others’ feelings into account and listening to them. You can support this by providing plenty of opportunities for your child to meet more people outside the family.
  2. Explain to your child how to be friends by explaining the example of your friendship with your close friend or father friend and show him how to behave with your friends.
  3. You can help your child find other children with similar interests, such as a swimming club, theater group, or any activity that your child prefers. Children choose friends based on similar and shared hobbies. Help your child discover new hobbies and go to new places where friends may be recognized.
  4. It is very important to enhance the child’s self-confidence so that he can make friends with himself without a permanent need to help you. You must first enhance your child’s self-confidence and clearly explain the concept of friendship, what should be accepted and what should be rejected.
  5. In the event of problems between your child and his friends, do not hesitate to share your child some advice and encourage him to make an apology if he is wrong.
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