As you know I love to serve smoothies for healthy breakfast and snack for my little one. This is probably one of the best way to help your toddlers eat more vegetables by packing them into smoothies. Today i made a delicious sweet kale smoothie for our breakfast and kids loved this.

Kale contains lots of healthy nutrients and this is a wonderful vegetable to integrate into your child’s diet. If you kids don’t like a dark leafy green vegetables, try to sneak them into smoothies and they will enjoy it. ⁣

Ingredients ⁣
▶️ 1 bunch kale, washed and tough stalks removed 🥬 ⁣
▶️ 2 banana 🍌 ⁣
▶️ 1 1/2 cup milk🥛 ⁣
▶️ 1/2 avocado 🥑 ⁣
▶️ 1/2 tsp honey 🍯 ⁣
▶️ 1/2 cup, ice cubes 🧊 ⁣
▶️ mint leaves and pomegranates to garnish ⁣

▶️ Add all the ingredients to the blender and process until smooth enough to drink ⁣
▶️ Pour into glasses ⁣
▶️ Garnish with mint leaves and pomegranates⁣
▶️ Serve immediately ⁣

Enjoy 😉!⁣

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